Monday, 2 December 2013

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Thanks John, I’ll wait while you get a yes from your mum.” Said Chels.

“Cool I’ll be 5 minutes the max okay.” Replied John.

So John popped the phone down on the kitchen bench and went to speak with his mum.

“Hey Mum can I ask you something, is it okay if Chels comes back over and stay here tonight please?” asked John.

“Yes she can stay here tonight but you both know you got school tomorrow don’t you.” answered Carol.

“Yes mum we know that so I’ll tell her it’s a yes.” Says John.

“Okay hurry up and do that now.” Says Carol.

“Hey Chels, are you still there?” asked John jumping back on the phone line.

“Hey John; yes I am, so did you get a yes from your mum.” Answered Chels.

“Cool and mum said yes I could have you crash at ours tonight, so I’ll come and pick you up now so I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Said John.

“OK I will see you soon John.” Says Chels.

“Yeah you will babe.” Says John.

“Seeya John.” Said Chels.

“Seeya Chels.” Replied John.

When Chels got off the phone she popped it on the cradle and finished getting her gear together and she checked she had it all organised and just then she heard a horn beeping 3 times and it was John parked out the front waiting for her.
So Chels grabbed her stuff and ran out of her room and slamming the door hard as ever and ran down the halls and down the stairs and ran out the front door and over to the passenger side of John’s car and opened the door and she jumped in and closed the door and buckled her seatbelt up.

“Fuck I hate my sister, why does my love life have to be her business; she drives me insane.” Says Chels.

“I know; my brothers drive me insane too; I am having that problem myself too Chels.”   Said John.

“What do I do to get my sister to back off and leave me alone John?” Asked Chels.

“I know I have someone that we both know who can sort her out big time.” Answered John.

“I know who you are thinking of; but will we receive the help we want though.” Said Chels.

“We should do and Amber is going to not say no if I am there with you.” replied John.

“Are you sure John?” asked Chels.

“Yeah I am sure more than ever in my whole freaking life Chels.” answered John.

“Okay I believe you then.” Says Chels.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Chapter 16

Chapter 16
(Mild Language)
“Why should I have to tell you about my love life.” Answered Chels.
“Look I’m just asking you a question, why don’t you just answer it, god.” Says Mel scoffing off at her younger sister.
“Shut up just because you have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to expect me to tell you fucking everything about my love life, jeez.” Snapped Chels slamming the fridge door shut. “I’m going to my room and I’m not coming out ever til the bloody morning and if you really need to know who he is, John is the most popular guy in junior high and he is in the 8th grade like I am and I have a crush on him and I hanged out with him and besides he stuck up for me today after school when Amber came up to me in the school hallway bullying me and trying to get me away from John but he told her to fuck off and so did I, there does that answer your stupid question.”
“Yes it fucking does fucking snappy tongs.” Yelled Mel.
“Grow the fuck up Mel and get over yourself, I’m sick of you acting like you can just throw your weight around on me.” Shouted Chels.
“No you need to grow up Chels.” says Mel.
“Fuck I don’t need bullshit from you; you stupid pigheaded fucked up bitch, I’m going to get my sleeping gear together and am going to go back to John’s and stay there and if you have a problem with me doing that I don’t give a flying fuck what you say.” Said Chels.
Just then Chels’s phone beeped off so she checked it and it was a message from John saying this: “Here is my contact details and I’ll see you tomorrow morning at quarter to 8 babe.”; so Chels ran upstairs and she got her things organised and while she was doing that she grabbed the phone off the cradle on her bedside table and dialled John’s phone number and waited for it to be answered on 4th ring a female voice answered the call and this was how the conversation went.
“Hello, Bongiovi’s residence this is Carol speaking.” Says Carol.
“Hi Mrs B; it’s Chels here, I’m a friend of John’s; is he there please?” asked Chels.
“Hi Chels, you were that girl that was here earlier wasn’t it; and yes he is here I’ll get him for you sweetie.” Answered Carol.
“Yes I was there earlier and thankyou.” Says Chels.
“Your welcome.” Said Carol.                                                                                                           

“John, it’s Chels s on the phone for you honey.”
“I’m coming Mum, I am coming.” Says John yelling as he came down the stairs and running into the kitchen and he grabbed the phone out of Carol’s hand. 
“Hey Chels, are you okay?” asked John.
“Hey John; no I am not okay.” Answered Chels.                                                                          

“Can I come back over and stay at your place; I have sister issues right now.”
“Of course but I will just check with Mum and Dad to see if they will allow me to have you stay over tonight, just hang on for 5 minutes I’ll ask Mum now and tell you what she says.” Says John.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“Omg I wonder what time it is now?” asked Chels.

“Good question I’ll have a look for you and tell you what the clock says, Lol.” Answered John.

“Thanks Lol.” Says Chels.

“It is 4:45pm Chels.” said John.

“What the fuck, 4:45pm; argh nooooooooooooo! It’s almost dinner time I should hurry home for dinner because it is a school night and my sister will kill me if I stay out at a friend’s house too late.” Replied Chels freaking out.

“Yep you got that right it is quarter to 5 babe.” Says John.

“Look I have to go, it’s getting late; I will see you tomorrow in school John.” Said Chels.

“Yeah of course I’ll see you at school tomorrow Chels.” Replied John.

“Yeah definitely.” Says Chels.

“Did you need me to give you a lift to school tomorrow?” asked John.

“Sure I’d like that so I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Answered Chels.

“Cool and you sure will, I’ll come about quarter to 8 to pick you up.” Says John.

“That’s fine with me, I better give you my address so you know where I live; I’ll even give you my phone numbers too.” Said Chels.

“Yeah you should so I know where you live.” Replied John.                                                           

“Awesome and I’ll SMS you mine when I get a chance Lol.”

So Chels grabbed a pen out of her bag and ripped a sheet of paper out of her drawing notepad and wrote her phone numbers and address down and she gave the paper to John to hold onto.

“Here you go, I’ll see you tomorrow I better go home before my sister throws a huge tantrum Lol.” Says Chels as she shoved her stuff back into her school bag.

“See ya Chels.” said John.

“See ya John.” Replied Chels.

So Chels left John’s in a great mood knowing that she finally was going to be waking up the following day and showing up at school with the most cutest and hottest and most popular guy in all of Sayreville High and she could imagine the look on Amber’s, Regina’s and Sasha’s faces and she could not wait to wipe the smirks of their stupid dumb faces big time and also couldn’t wait to tell Dot and Karla about what was happening. As soon as Chels got home she went into the kitchen where she found her sister as usual cooking dinner and daydreaming her life away.

“Hey where have you been?” Asked Mel.

“Out at John Bongiovi’s, hanging out doing homework and talking; why.” Answered Chels walking into the kitchen and getting herself a drink of 7 eleven in a can out of the fridge.

“Who is John Bongiovi if you don’t mind me asking at all?” asked Mel.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chapter 14

Chapter 14                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                 “What the hell was that noise Johnny?” asked Chels.

“Oh that’s probably just Mum coming home from picking up Matt and Tony from school and Mum will most likely come up and say hi as usual; Lol.” Answered John.

“Oh okay because that noise scared me to death Lol.” Says Chels.

“Yeah I know it scared me too babe.” Said John.

Just than 10 minutes later John’s Mum came up to check in and say hi like as usual and to see what was going on in the world of teenagers.

“Hey Mum.” Says John.

“Hey honey; I had a feeling that you would be up here in your room.” Said Carol.

“Yeah I always come straight up here as soon as I get home from school Mum.” Replied John.

“I know that how stupid do you think I am.” Says Carol.

“Ma I don’t think you are stupid at all jeez.” Says  John getting frustrated with his Mum.

“Well it seems to me you think so.” Said Carol getting annoyed with John.

“What the fuck ever Mum you are just trying to put the blame on me when I haven’t done anything wrong.” Said John getting aggravated with his Mum.

“So do you mind leaving me alone please?”


“Mum I’m sorry it’s just that Chels and I have had shit gone down with some stupid bitches today at school.” Answered John.

“Well you should know better than to talk to me in that tone of voice; next time please do not speak to me like the way you did just then.” Says Carol.

Just then Carol walked out closing John’s bedroom door by slamming it shut and she went downstairs to do what a parent normally does.

“John did you see that; your Mum didn’t even say hi to me or introduce herself to me, what the fuck is up with her?” asked Chels with an annoyed look on her face.

“Yeah I know, I did see that and Mum obviously didn’t realise you were here and also I should have introduced her and you to each other; so I’m sorry Chels.”  Answered John apologizing.

“Apology accepted Johnny.” Says Chels.

“Thanks Chels.” said John.

“You’re welcome.” Replied Chels.

“Lol.” Says John.

“Lol.” Said Chels.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Yes I am up for it.” Says John.

“Alrighty then let’s get it on buddy.” Said Chels.

So the two of them started their pillow fight and whacked each other out til one of them gave up and decided the other one had won the pillow fight.

“I give up; you win Bongiovi.” Says Chels.

“Oh come on now Chels you can’t give up on me now.” Said John.

“Sorry but I’m going to have to give up because you beat me lol.” Replied Chels.

“Oh that’s okay.” Replied John.

“Lol.” Says Chels.

“Lol.” Said John.

Chels grabbed her chance at whacking John with a pillow which had him giving her a funny look.

“Hey! That does it woman I am going to get you back now.” Says John.

“Oh yeah what you gonna do Bongiovi?” asked Chels.

“I’m going to kiss you.” Answered John.

“Oh Really; is that what you are going to do to me huh?” asked Chels.

“Yep; that’s what I’m going to do missy.” Answered John.

“OMG! I am going to have to try and run away from you then lol.” Says Chels.

“Lol and yes you gonna have to try haha.” Says John laughing his head off.

So Chels got up and ran out of Johns room and down the stairs and through the house which had John going after her and he caught her and gave her a kiss on the cheek which made her go “Awe!” and blush bright red in the cheeks.

“Lets go back up stairs and hang out shall we?” asked Chels.

“Yep that’s a good idea Chels.” Answered John.

“I reckon so.” Says Chels.

“Lol.” Said John.

“Lol.” Replied Chels.

Just then a car pulled up into the Bongiovi’s driveway and the sounds of car doors opening and closing and then the sound of the front door opening had Chels and John jumping out of their skins.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

After they had done their homework the two of them got talking about how they were going to manage to pull their prank on Amber.

“Omg I can’t wait til tomorrow to prank amber.” Says Chels.

“Me neither; it’s going to be good.” Said John.

Just then Chels noticed there was an Aerosmith poster up on the wall on the other side of John’s room.

Oooh la la! Lol.” Said Chels starting to laugh her head off.

“Haha Chels you make me laugh, you do know that.” Replied John laughing his head off.

“I knew I would make you laugh.” Says Chels.

“Really, how?” asked John.

“Meh; I knew because I’m psychic lol.” Answered Chels.

“You got to be kidding me.” Says John.

“No I’m not kidding you at all.” Said Chels.

“Are you sure missy?” asked John.

“Yes I am sure.” Answered Chels.

“Okay if you are sure.” Says John.

“Of course I am sure; I am not lying to you mister.” Said Chels pointing her finger at John.

“Haha you are funny Chels.” Replied John.

“I know I am and don’t you forget it buddy.” Says Chels.

“Haha buddy; Omg you just called me buddy Chels.” Says John laughing.

“Yeah and what is so funny about it?” asked Chels.

“Everything.” Answered John.

“Okay then.” Said Chels.

Just then Chels grabbed a pillow off John’s bed and whacked him in a playful way which had him snatching it from her and hitting her back.

“Pillow fight time.” Replied John.

“Oh that is it you are so on John Francis Bongiovi Jnr; I will get you back; you better watch out mister.” Says Chels.

“Bring it on Chels; I am up for a pillow fight anytime.” Said John.

“Oh yeah I’m in if you are.” Said Chels.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chapter 11

Chapter 11      
(Mild Language)
Just than Chels had another idea in mind for the prank that she and John were going to pull on Amber.
“Wait a minute I have another idea in mind for the prank.” Says Chels.
“Do share; ooh do share?” asked John getting excited.
“How about tomorrow when we are in home room we get a piece of paper and scrunch it up and then chuck it across to the front of the room and then our homeroom teacher will go; Mr Bongiovi and Miss Gosbell stop acting up and then we should just say it wasn’t us, it was Amber Ryan lol.” Answered Chels hoping John liked her suggestion for the prank.
“Haha that’s even better; I like your idea for the prank.” Says John.
“So are you in on this or not Bongiovi?” asked Chels holding out her hand to get John to give her a high-five on it.
“Oh of course I am; I am not backing out and I really want to see how the bitch would like it if we bullied her lol.” Answered John giving Chels a high-five.
“I know I mean she thinks she’s better looking than me; Dot and Karla and she even calls us girls a bunch of fucktards and stuff like that and it’s so upsetting for Dot; Me and Karla.” Says Chels.
“Oh well Amber and her friends are the fucktards not you guys because you, Dot and Karla are awesome.” Said John.
“Oh thanks for the compliment; I don’t know what to say lol.” Replies Chels.
“It’s all good.” Says John.
So than John and Chels got stuck into their homework and helped one another out if the other one was stuck with something homework related.
“Argh I can’t figure out the answer to this maths problem; I am so retarded at maths especially when it comes to division and the timetables lol.” Says Chels.
“What maths problem is it that you are stuck on Chels?” asked John.
“I am stuck on working out the answer to 12x7.” Answered Chels.
“Okay here let me see what the answer to it is; oh wow the answer is 264 lol.” Says John stunned by the answer his calculator gave him.
“Holy crap is the answer really 264 lol.” Said Chels.
“Yeah I know I’m saying the same thing as you are about it lol.” Replied John.
“And yep the answer is really 264; what a shock that is lol.”
“Gosh it’s a bit crazy to even think to believe it lol.” Says Chels.
“Lol.” Said John.